Traditional hunting boomerangs - black wattle timber

Traditional hunting boomerangs - black wattle timber

Individually hand-crafted from the Black Wattle tree, these authentic traditional hunting boomerangs are a collector’s item.

They have been made by an Aboriginal Elder, Joe Skeen Snr, whose late father, William Skeen, taught him this tradition as a young boy.

Black wattle timber is very had to find and these boomerangs are handmade by a master craftsman. 

Joe Skeen and his family spend many days along river banks looking for the right shaped black wattle timber and roots that Joe can shape in the traditional manner that he was taught over 70 years ago. 

This is a traditional hunting boomerang meant to travel in the direction thrown and not return to the thrower.

Non-returning boomerangs are larger and heavier than the returning boomerangs and have a slight hook shape.

Size:  24- 28 inches width 
 Birri Gubba - in the Bowen area of North Queensland
Maternal: Kuku-Thaipan - North Queensland
Made: Queensland, Australia 

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If you are looking for an iconic gift from Australia, then this hunting boomerang is sure to impress. The perfect flatness for posting or slipping into your suitcase as a little piece of Aussie culture.

  • 100% Australian made
  • Made from the Black Wattle tree

Kiss the Boomerang guarantee that all products are genuine handcrafted by Australian Aboriginals.

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Size24-28 inches wide
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